Publication Fee

Publication Fee and Handling Charges

Management Journals is not receiving any kind of funds from any institution or government and thus is a self supporting organization. Operations of Management Journals solely depend upon the publication or processing fee we charge from authors. This publication fee is charged only to meet our operational cost that includes the salaries, utility bills etc. It also costs money to produce a peer reviewed, well edited and formatted journal even for online publishing and also on hosting it to the server that is freely and widely available and accessible over the internet across the globe.

As Management Journals is an open-access publisher of research journals, we cannot charge subscription fee from libraries and institutes because our titles are widely and freely available across the globe without any hurdle in downloading them. Moreover, we do not believe in receiving funds from institutes and government and it sometimes can cripple whole operations of the organization and thus we at the end are left with only one option and that is to charge from authors of the research articles because usually the research is funded by universities and different bodies and they can manage sparing a modest amount for helping us publish their quality content.

We only charge a fair amount of 175 US Dollars [fee for the year 2012] from authors for their articles to be included in one of the journals of Management Journals. This fee is charged only after a paper is accepted for publication in Management Journals. Authors whose papers are accepted for publication are hereby requested to contact the editor of the journal for payment details and payment options. No waiver policy is applicable because of the above stated reasons..